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Below are step by step instructions to get into Eyfi and create an Etherconnect account. MAKE SURE TO READ AND FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS BELOW!


Here are full details to participate in private sale of eyfi token reserved for ecc community starting on 17th June at 12 pm GMT 🔥🔥

1) Create Your Free account at Ecc:

(use this vpn if in USA)

2) Get your Trons , eth , btc ready to get in If you are paying in BNB make sure you have the binance smart chain configured in your metamask…


Instructions in the video below:

Make sure you get metamask here:


Connect Metamask To Binance Smart Chain:


Mainnet (This is the one you are probably looking for)


Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


Smart Chain New RPC URL:


ChainID: 56


Symbol: BNB


Block Explorer URL:

4) You can participate in the free airdrop also directly on your trust wallet in Android or token pocket in iPhone using bsc wallets:


once you claim.your free token , you can grab your link in back-office and refer other users to airdrop and collect 5 free tokens per free referral

5) Also You can grab your free referral link inside ecc back-office and build a team and get paid commissions if your teams buy eyfi at 5 % 3 % 2 %.


All commissions paid out in eyfi This is the fastest growing token ever in history of crypto with members joining every second and is a easy 100x to a 1000x token.


We are privileged enough to get in early at private sale starting price of 10 cents which will increase


every hour starting 17th June , 12 pm gmt.


Get the etherconnect presentation slides here to learn more:

6) IMPORTANT** If you are buying etherconnect token make sure to deposit your funds from a non custodial wallet (NOT EXCHANGES). In other words use your own hard wallet or digital wallet such as metamask or trust wallet. 


GET $5,000 BONUS                          FULL REVIEW